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Salt Lake City, UT - Contact Information

Dual Immersion Academy
1155 S. Glendale Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Phone: (801) 973-9494

Salt Lake City, UT - Our People

William Swartzfager

Learning Center Director

Swartzfager graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Minority Studies. He came to the Dream Academy from the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley, where he held the position of Director of Operations. His 14 years in youth, family, and community programming started with the Boys & Girls Club as a Youth Development Professional. He continues to move through the organization as Program Director, Unit Director, and most recently the Director of Operations role.

Salt Lake City, UT - Green Thumbs

One of the DreamKids’ recent activities ended up providing two beautiful pieces of art – and one of nature -- in a project with local partner Molina Healthcare, whose mission is to provide quality healthcare to those receiving government assistance. The Dream Academy and Molina Healthcare teamed up to provide painted flower pots for an upcoming community awards event hosted by Molina. DreamKids channeled their inner Van Goghs to adorn two flower pots, one of which went to Molina for the awards event, and one they kept for themselves.

After decorating the flower pots they planned to take home, DreamKids planted herbs and flowers in them. The Dream Academy encourages students to engage in gardening and learn valuable lessons on patience (as they wait for plants to grow) and responsibility (taking care of growing plants).

Salt Lake City, UT - Our History

In Salt Lake City, the US Dream Academy is located at the Dual Immersion Academy, a new charter school, established in 2007 southwest of downtown. The school houses approximately 350 students in grades K-8. The instructional program features a two-way bilingual education model with the aim of developing bilingual bicultural children. Content is taught in both English and Spanish to all children. Classes are constituted with approximately 50% native Spanish speakers and 50% native English speakers. The Learning Center in Salt Lake City earned the “Center of the Year” honor in 2008.

Salt Lake City, UT - Our Partners

Dual After

Dual Immersion Academy

Hogal Zoo Pals

Paint Mixer

Sallie Mae


St. Stephens Episcopal Church

Thayne Center and Salt Lake Community College

Utah After School Network

Utah Jazz

Utah Women’s Lawyers Group

Washington Federal Credit Union


Monlina Healthcare

Utah Food Bank

Salt Lake City, UT - Photos