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Dream Academy News | Dwight Howard Surprises DreamKids

Wednesday December 23, 2009


NBA Magic Super Star Dwight Howard was showered with hugs and high fives as he surprised students from our Orlando Dream Academy Learning Center with a shopping spree at the Adidas Outlet Store at Orlando Premium Outlets on December 13th.

Howard invited U.S. Dream Academy students (DreamKids) to a fan meet and greet at the Adidas store, where our DreamKids received a $50 dollar shopping spree, courtesy of Adidas. Overjoyed, DreamKids shopped for Adidas apparel amidst a fan fare of publicity. A live DJ sent periodic shout outs to the U.S. Dream Academy as gracious store clerks assisted the students in their selections amongst the high-energy fans of Dwight Howard. Over a dozen cameras, both video and flash photography, captured every moment of the DreamKids as they contemplated the great deals and selections the store offered. As the final DreamKid left the checkout line with a bag of Adidas apparel, they were quickly ushered into a restricted location within the interior rooms of the store where they were met by the 6’-11” Orlando Magic starting center, Howard for a private meet and greet. He engaged the students for what seemed like hours of personal conversation, getting to know a little about each DreamKid.

Howard encouraged each of them to study hard and get good grades. He then autographed Adidas basketballs for each of the DreamKids, and gave them poster-size photos of himself slam-dunking the basketball. Howard and the Dream Kids then walked through a set of double doors leading into the main part of the store where hundreds of fans gathered in expectation to see the Orlando Magic captain. Making their way to a designated section of the store, Howard stood with his hands around the DreamKids before the anxious crowd; while getting input from the students on what pose they should do next for the photographers. All the Dream Kids left with a bag full of Adidas gear and their hearts filled with joy.