A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future - Wintley Phipps, Founder

Dream Cities | Washington, DC

Turner Elementary School
3264 Stanton Road, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20032
Phone: (202) 645-3470
Fax: (888) 562-3141
Learning Center Director
Evroy Marrett
emarrettatusdreamacademy [dot] org
Mentor Coordinator
Kyle Bacon
kbaconatusdreamacademy [dot] org

Feature Story

During the month of July, the DC Dream Academy Learning Center hosted a two-week mini summer camp. Our activities included a stock market challenge, STEM computer lessons with our new friend Mr. Jason, STEM building activities, a scavenger hunt at the Air and Space Museum, and many more diverse and fun opportunities.

Stock Market Challenge - DreamKids competed in a stock market simulation as they learned the basics about owning and trading stocks. Congratulations to D’Jada, who won a $25 gift card for making the most profit! Students also began to learn the parts of the computer, both hardware and software, as they prepared for their STEM computer sessions with Mr. Jason.

STEM Computer Lessons with Mr. Jason - We welcomed a new friend, Mr. Jason Yates to teach us about computers. DreamKids learned to disassemble and re-assemble every piece in a computer tower as they worked together in small groups. Thank you so much, Mr. Jason! Thank you also to Ms. Charlyn for helping us and Ms. Bianca for taking videos and pictures as we began our marketing campaign.

STEM Car and Bridge Building - DreamKids were engineers this summer, making their own cars and bridges as they learned about energy and force. We tested the bridges’ strength using books and water bottles. Thanks, Mr. Josh for helping with our cars!

Air and Space Museum Scavenger Hunt - DreamKids visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for a scavenger hunt. They explored lots of exhibits such as Apollo 11, African Americans in Flight, and examined many interactive, hands-on activities in the section, “How Things Fly.”

Healthy Lifestyles with Ms. Carlita - Ms. Carlita paid us a visit to help DreamKids make their own planter boxes and tie-dye shirts and socks! Students selected the herbs they wanted and planted them. We hope you have been taking care of them at home! Thank you, Ms. Katrelle and Mr. Keith for planting with us. We also had a “your creation” activity, inspired by TV cooking shows. Students received pretzel sticks, peanut butter, strawberry syrup, bananas, raisins, and celery and arranged them in a creative dish.

Summer Celebration - It’s been a very hot summer so far in Washington DC, but DreamKids found a few ways to stay cool as they enjoyed the summer heat with some refreshing water balloons and popsicles!

Our History in Washington, DC

The Learning Center at Ferebee Hope was the inaugural Learning Center site.  The center was commissioned in March of 2000 with an address by President Bill Clinton. Ferebee Hope Community School is located in the 8th Ward, south of Anacostia, in the southeast section of the nation’s capital.   The school serves approximately 300 students in grades PreK-5 and will add grade 6 for the 2009-10 academic year.  With support from the 21st Century grant, DALC, in partnership with Communities in School for the Nations Capital is able to provide a state of the art model for afterschool programming for the children of southeast DC.  The recreational resources offered at Ferebee Hope are a direct result of community activism to foster both positive social and physical activity for the children of the Washington Highland community of southeast, DC. 

In September 2013 we relocated to Turner Elementary.


About Our Staff

Learning Center Director

Evroy Marrett, a native of Orlando Florida is the Center Director in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Marrett attended the University of Florida in Gainesville and earned a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks and Tourism.  Mr. Marrett has 6 years experience in combined youth development and customer service relations including serving as the Community Service Chair of Iota Phi Theta, Inc. and Recreation Assistant at Frontline Outreach.  Mr. Marrett has experience providing academic instruction, team-building activities and leadership skills for underserved and incarcerated teenagers providing them with realistic hope of their future endeavors by talking to them about life plans and short/long-term goals upon their release.  

Mentor Coordinator

Kyle Bacon serves the D.C. center as the Mentor Coordinator.  Mr. Bacon is well acquainted with D.C. having graduated in 2003 with a BBA from Howard University School of Business.  Mr. Bacon has vast experience working with youth having served as an Intervention Specialist at Vision for Youth in Springfield Ohio as well as an Assistant Instructor for the Bullis School. Mr. Bacon is passionate about seeing youth in at-risk circumstances succeed.  In his time working for the Springfield City Schools, Mr. Bacon provided one on one and small group intervention to over 200 at-risk potential drop outs resulting in a 97% success rate in meeting standardized testing scores.

Our Washington, DC Partners in the Dream

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District of Columbia Public School Partner - Turner Elementary School

Georgetown University School of Medicine

George Washington University - Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement & Public Service

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