A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future - Wintley Phipps, Founder

Dream Cities | Philadelphia, PA

G.W. Childs Elementary School
1599 Wharton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146-3196
Phone: (215) 339-1090
Fax: (215) 339-1091
Learning Center Director
Maurice Williams
mwilliamsatusdreamacademy [dot] org

Feature Story

Good relationships don't end because of the season's change. Good relationships continue to blossom even after the settings has been altered a little. One of the main concerns of our DreamKids entering the summer season was not summer camp, vacation plans, or fun; it was if they were able to see their mentor once school ended. Mentors were confronted with the same plight. DreamKids and mentors received their wish of continuing their mentor sessions, as we hosted "mentor meet-ups" every Tuesday throughout the summer. The mentor sessions were held in a nice, relaxing, and cool space from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm each week. Mentors and mentees were able to talk, play games, do arts & crafts, and other engaging activities. If a mentor was not able to attend in-person, iPads and laptops were available for virtual “mentor meet-up” sessions via FaceTime and Google Hangout or mentees wrote letters to their mentors which included interesting questions, their summer plans as well as academic and personal goals for the next school year. This was a delightful and impactful experience for our DreamKids because they were able to receive continuous support all year around. Mentors used the summer sessions to focus on implementing the 5 F-Key functions of the Development Relationship Framework: Express Care, Challenge Growth, Expand Possibilities, Share Power and Provide Support. A mentoring relationship that consistently has these functions will ensure that the student achieves higher grades, explore different career opportunities and attend college. 

The summer mentoring sessions came to a close with a Bowling Party at Pep Bowl.  Over 30 mentors, mentees, and Dream Academy friends came together for an afternoon of fun. Esme Pringle, third grade, said "I had an amazing time bowling with my mentor. It was a trip that I will never forget." Her mentor, Mirela Hima, shared the same sentiments by adding, "I was blown away with how much fun I had. I enjoyed my time with my mentee and other mentors and DreamKids. Today was a great day!" 

Our History in Philadelphia

Recognized as “Center of the Year” in 2008, the Philadelphia Learning Center helps students at G.W. Childs Elementary School develop useful skills, positive characters, and attainable dreams, despite negative circumstances.  

Located in an economically and culturally diverse community in South Philadelphia, the Learning Center provides mentoring and tutoring to students who are falling behind academically or who have a parent or family member who is currently incarcerated.  

The Philadelphia Learning Center also provides a six-week summer program that offers golf lessons, photography, dance, and music programming in addition to Dream Academy program standards:  skill, character, and dream-building activities. 

About Our Staff

Learning Center Director

Mr. Williams graduated from Morehouse College with a B.A. in Sociology. After graduating, he returned to Philadelphia with an unfaltering energy and determination to mentor, lead, guide, and love his city. His resilience is rooted in the power of God, knowing that with Him all things are possible. A husband and father of 1, Mr. Williams is committed to being the example of manhood the world and his family deserves to see. With various awards and accolades to mention, Mr. Williams insists that the reward that trumps any speaking engagement, plaque, or title is to see someone make a change for the good. 

Our Philadelphia Partners in the Dream

Aberdeen Asset Management


Drexel University

Duane Morris Law Firm

National Society of Black Engineers - Greater Philadelphia Alumni Chapter and Drexel University Chapter

Rock Reach Dance School

University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business

University of the Arts

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