A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future - Wintley Phipps, Founder

Dream Cities | Orlando, FL

Memorial Middle School
2220 W. 29th Street.
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 245-1810 x 2340
Fax: (407) 245-1820
Learning Center Director
Carvel Munroe
cmunroeatusdreamacademy [dot] org
Mentor Coordinator
Nakaissia Reed
nreedatusdreamacademy [dot] org

Feature Story

Since October 1st Dream Academy centers across the country have embarked on a 10-week fall read-a-thon with the goal of 1 million minutes. With the extra demand placed on improving literacy on campuses across the district, this initiative is a natural fit for students like Ronaldiho, a 3rd-grade student at Catalina Elementary who has logged 1,500 minutes.  Along with a few of his classmates, Ronaldiho attends Dream Academy every day with his reading log in hand, making steps in the right direction. Not only does he meet his scholastic demands, but his efforts in literacy growth contribute to a larger goal and provides secondary motivation.

Ronaldiho: “I like the competition to see who can read the most. My goal is to read a lot of books. I use an orange egg clock and time how long I read. Then I put the date and author of the book I read on my log. I have to read 45 minutes a day. My favorite book is Camping: A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure. I imagine starting my own adventure when I grow up.”

Our History in Orlando

The Dream Academy Learning Center in Orlando opened their doors at Memorial Middle School in 2007.  The multiracial student body at Memorial Middle School comes from predominantly low socio-economic family backgrounds.   The Center serves 60 children with multiple risk factors in and around the Rio Grande Community.  The center also serves the 4th and 5th grade students of neighboring Catalina Elementary School. 

 The Dream Academy staff maintains a strong relationship with the school being viewed as a stellar academic enrichment program by the principal, guidance counselors, and many teachers.  One unique asset of the program is Kids Court, a peer mediation activity that empowers students to take control of their actions and consequences.

About Our Staff

Learning Center Director

Carvel Munroe is an emerging voice of hope, educating and empowering the now generation to live above the moral lows and emerge as candidates for lasting success. He is Founder of the High-Risk Prevention Network and Director of the U.S. Dream Academy Learning Center in Orlando. This advocate for youth ministers to break spiritual and social bondage.  Winner of the Mack Davis Award in 2000 for outstanding service and featured in the Harvard University Gazette, the dedicated husband and father of three sons resides in Central Florida where he continues to be an instrument of transformation for at-risk individuals and communities.

Mentor Coordinator

Growing up in central Orlando, Nakaissia found interest in giving back to the community she calls home by helping children that may have had a similar experience as hers. A graduate of the University of South Florida, Nakaissia studied Psychology and Behavioral Healthcare. As an undergraduate, she chose to research the role of youth advocates and conducted a focus group- seeking to inform the community on the importance of youth advocacy. She received B.A. in psychology and minor in Behavioral Healthcare focusing on applied behavior analysis. Before working with U.S. Dream Academy, Nakaissia worked at Pasco Juvenile Detention Center where she gained insight into the juvenile justice system, studied restorative justice, and assessed the community that at-risk children endure.

Anthony Alonso serves the Orlando center as Mentor Coordinator. In 2007, Mr. Alonso received his B.A. from the University of Florida with areas of specialization in Nonprofit Leadership and Family, Youth, and Community Development. Prior to joining the US Dream Academy, he served as a youth pastor, advocate for mentoring children at risk of incarceration, and recreation supervisor with the city of Cape Canaveral. These roles helped to cultivate a passion to see today’s youth dream big for their future and rise above the low expectations their circumstances create for them.

Our Orlando Partners in the Dream

Cross Community Church

CSCOPE 20/20

Girl Scouts of Citrus Council

Kingdom Church

National Society of Black Engineers at University of Central Florida

Orange County Public Schools

University of Central Florida - Leads Scholar Program

Urban League


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