A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future - Wintley Phipps, Founder

Dream Cities | Baltimore, MD

Pimlico Elementary/Middle School
4849 Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (443) 203-4993
Learning Center Director
Tanya Callender
tcallenderatusdreamacademy [dot] org
Mentor Coordinator
Alyssa Brumis
abrumisatusdreamacademy [dot] org

Feature Story

Middle School Dream Kids from our Baltimore Learning Center visited the Space Telescope Science Institute on August 29 to learn about the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, and to participate in hands-on S.T.E.M. activities! 

After a presentation about the Hubble Space Telescope, complete with pictures of a variety of planets and galaxies, students learned about a new space telescope, the James Webb.  Our Dream Kids were amazed at the capabilities of the Hubble Telescope, and could not believe that the James Webb will allow for more precise pictures, providing further insight into our surroundings in space.  Our Dream Kids then had the opportunity to see a 20-inch Cassegrain telescope inside the Maryland Space Grant Consortium Observatory!

Next, our students learned about infrared cameras and lighting, and were able to see for themselves how infrared cameras are attracted to heat sources.  Students used ice cubes and a hair dryer to test the infrared camera, and found that hot and cold objects appeared substantially different using the infrared technology. 

After learning about infrared cameras, Dream Kids were split into teams to compete in the “Marshmallow Challenge,” where, using only uncooked noodles, tape, and string, students had to create a standing tower strong enough to hold the weight of a large marshmallow.  One team constructed a tower that stood over 10 inches tall!  Sixth grade students Michael and Keiyauna agreed, “the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ was the best part!”

Isaiah, an eighth grade student, described the experience: “It was an honor to be around a staff of great thinkers.  They are an encouragement to me and all young scientists.” 

Our History in Baltimore

The Dream Academy Learning Center in Baltimore was one of the organizations earliest centers.  Opened in 2002, the Learning Center at Collington Square Elementary School served approximately 500 student in grades Pre-K – eight, most of whose families live below the poverty line.  The Learning Center at Collington Square earned the “Center of the Year” honor in 2006. With support from the Mayor's Office and the Baltimore City Public School Office of Student Support and Safety, the Dream Academy made the decision to relocate the program to a school and community in great need of comprehensive after school programs such as ours. Pimlico Elementary/Middle School in South Park Heights was identified and the program opened there for the 2010/2011 academic year.  The Dream Academy is a key partner working with the Center for Urban Families and others towards the redevelopment of the Park Heights community.


About Our Staff

Learning Center Director

Tanya Callender leads the U.S. Dream Academy’s Baltimore center in the role of Center Director.  Providing ten years of experience in non-profit and public management, Ms. Callender combines direct experience developing youth programs with hands-on classroom expertise.  Ms. Callender has experience working with a broad spectrum of nonprofit as well as government organizations including FEMA, The Friendship Edison Collegiate Academy, the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Baltimore Urban League.  Ms. Callender possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana Studies from the University of Maryland and has done work in Language/Culture from University of Valladolid Valladolid, Spain and Urban Community Planning University from Maryland College Park

Mentor Coordinator

Alyssa Brumis serves the Pimlico Elementary/Middle School Learning Center as Mentor Coordinator.  Ms. Brumis is a Maryland native who graduated from Washington College in Chestertown Maryland with a degree in Sociology.  Ms. Brumis has a combination of experience in youth work and program management having managed the MWR Navy Recreation Center as well as served with Americorps Vista as an Advocate and Community Engagement Coordinator for REACH! Partnership School.

Our Baltimore Partners in the Dream

Ancile Solutions, Inc.

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

Baltimore Collegetown Network

Family League

Loyola University Speech Pathology Department

Maryland Mentoring Partnership

Notre Dame of Maryland University Psychology/Child Development

Park Heights Rennaissance

Space Telescope Science Institute

Towson University Family Studies Department

TUSCFR - Towson University Student Council for Family Relations

University of Baltimore Human Services Department

University of Maryland School of Law, Women's Bar Association

Wells Fargo Bank

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